Cryotherapy Center


“…La doctrina infinita del invierno / luz reprimida en la extensión del día / blanco como un pez muerto / sólo el frío es acción: el frío vive”. Pablo Neruda

In the middle of a mountain setting, and a dimension of 1380 appear these constructions whose purpose was to keep the snow into ice in order to dispose of it all year.


the SOLUtion

The project aims to restore the activity in this environment, and reinvent this cold landscape.

The snow pits activity again, with the same element, but in a different state. The water passes into the liquid state and stored in the wells. This water passes several pools that appear around the wells, playing with the topography, which acquires different temperatures and different textures.

It becomes a cryotherapy center where the contrasts are not only present in the water temperature, but also perceived in architecture, and how to relate to the landscape.

A return to nature, the direct contact with the elemental. A commitment to memory.