The solution

At ages in which to teach at this school, (and consulted experts in education), we decided as fundamental, plant design spaces, so that could transform and / or expanded to be established «relationship spaces» between classrooms and even «open» classroom, the «transitional spaces», to the paths and patios in addition to outer space, given the good weather enjoyed in Valencia, there is a possibility that classrooms have a counterpart to the outer space that you can participate.

As a metaphor for a more open and reflective (fundamental bases of education), the building fosters peer relationships of other classes or activities that are taking place, seen from outside.

Evoking a way of projecting that Home Charles Garnier Opera in Paris, the interior spaces are translated, according to their function and importance in external volumes, so it is very easy to read how the building is organized, functional clarity, that is also aesthetically emphasizes a clear formalism for materials marked.