Estación Marítima


The project aims to solve an endemic problem experienced by passengers on ships sailing from the original country to destination country , is very long waits and queues for boarding, and just put spaces inside, as well as harsh conditions expected in the sun or rain for those traveling by car.

The Solution

In the contest, further requested that both architecture and construction, were designed sustainably, understanding sustainability, the use of long-lasting materials, with as little maintenance as possible, also from architecture, a design, taking advantage of natural energies, would reduce the costs of energy consumption, as well as use them for maximum comfort of the users.
Combining all these concepts, what kind of space we met all those requirements and the response was immediate, the shadow of a beachfront Mediterranean forest, a place where we do not mind being all the time in the world.
The architecture defines a simple idea, a large deck permeable, filtered light and shadow, as that reprenta the great Valencian painter Sorolla in his paintings, allowing wind circulation while light bathes us. A large deck designed on plywood, a material that has shown that better resists atmospheric stakes than other materials used in large structures, giving the final result of lightness and harmony.
The last important requirement was that besides being a very modern architecture, you should not miss a certain aesthetic or allegories to the Arab world, to its aesthetics to its iconography. This is achieved with great subtlety to. The perforations in the cover made of aluminum sheet, draw Arab stars, which are projected onto all surfaces when the sun shines, appearing and disappearing, moving in a smooth, introducing the concept of time, slow and refleximo, typical of the Mediterranean culture.